April 17 2007

How much fun can you have around a product as un-fun as a radiator? Lots, apparently. Just check the Jaga Radiator Factory website. From the amazing chocolate sculptures at Zona Tortona Design 07 in Milan to massive desert art at Burning Man to the latest Jaga Experience: The Jaga Experience Truck, Jaga is really taking the concept of product promotion to another world.

Built on a Mercedes Actros platform, and designed by Arne Quinze the truck looks somewhat like a milk truck that’s about to become a massive light fixture. Inside, a VIP lounge with white leather furnishings by Moroso, a projections room, kitchen and shower will take care of your comfort. Quinze designs furniture for Moroso in addition to designing under his own label. He’s known for example, for his first collection, Primary Pouf, of 1999 that still sells more than 15,000 pieces annually.

Through the Experience Truck’s 182 windows, the magic of the multicolor LED lighting system (of one mile of LED strips) creates an ever-changing collage. A Dolby surround sound system inside and 4000 Watts of Bose sound power outside guarantee that your ears will have an experience, too. To find out what goes on inside the truck, you just need to leave your computer screen and go where it is (in Milan at the moment) and have a Jaga Experience. By Tuija Seipell

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