March 10 2008

The Spice Girls landed on our doorsteps more than a decade ago with promises of ‘girl power’ and telling us what we wanted, what we really, really wanted.

With the pop and fizzle of The Spice Girls’ stunning rise now a distant memory, the UK is undergoing a second wave of ‘girl power’.  Instead of pre-fabricated, hyper-merchandised glitz, this new crop of ‘girl power’ artists embody lyrical honesty and authenticity.  Where the Spice Girls relied on sass and cleavage and commercial pop smarts, the UK’s current crop of female singer-songwriters embody honest self reflection and realness.  

Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen led the way with their upfront, unforgettable reinterpreta-tions of contemporary pop.  In the wake of Winehouse and Allen’s success arrives the next wave of UK female singer-songwriters.

20 year old Kate Nash smashed through with her single ‘Foundations’ and won the hearts of the indie crowd with her cover of the Black Kids’ ‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance’.

Duffy, currently sitting at #1 in the UK with her track ‘Mercy’, has a voice that sits com-fortably between Winehouse and Dusty Springfield and comes with the promise that her music will last decades.

Adele too, with her soulful croon and anthemic single Chasing Pavements’, is cramming the airwaves and poised to take her sound global.

All in all, it’s a welcome arrival. It’s ‘girl power’ you can actually believe in. By Nick Christie

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