November 30 -0001

The little brand blurb that accompanies this new range of luxury motorcycle helmets from Ateliers Ruby is “good looks - for everyday heroes and heroines”. Which is just too cute. So is the story behind them.

Parisian designer Jerome Coste drew on Steve McQueen iconography, old-school racing cars and quite possibly the six separate head traumas he’s survived when he set about developing the Pavillion range of motorcycle accessories for Ruby. He also sold his own motorbike to finance the production of the full carbon fiber shells, the kind used in Formula One racing. The 'inside garnish' (to quote Coste) is a soft lining of decadent burgundy nappa lambskin, chosen for its comfort and anti-bacterial properties. Henceforth providing a 'reassuring cocoon'.

Clearly a design pedant, Coste has given his helmets a unique signature quirk - a small crest that runs along the top, as inspired by the armoury worn by medieval knights.

The Pavillion range is available in three colours Shibuya (peppermint, named after the Tokyo Shopping District), Concorde (black) and St Honore (white) and are accompanied by an equally sweet range of twill silk scarves in various retro racing car shades.

Again to quote from the branding blurb: ‘Lady Ruby, your guardian angel wishes you a bon voyage”. Bless. - Sarah Wilson