May 21 2008

While hipsters the world over are salivating for distorted bangers from the likes of Justice, Teenage Bad Girl and the rest of the rabble, there’s something far more exciting happening just out of the spotlight. It’s called Valerie (scene, sound, label and blog). It’s sunglasses at night, John Hughes, Molly Ringwald, old Sega Megadrive cartridges, endless summers and high drama romance all rolled into one. Purveyors of the Valerie sound include founders the Outrunners, Anoraak, College, Mathelvin and Minitel Rose and more recently Parallels and Aedyhawke, all brought together through their shared adoration of retro synths and Miami Vice re-runs. Good thing they all found each other because they’re hitting all the right marks, from Maethelvin’s car-chase disco to the teenage anthems of College and Anoraak’s make out sesh scores. In three years time Valerie might be an inescapable, designer-tee-spewing, branding monstrosity. Right now, it just sounds so good.  Touch it while it's still pure.

By Dave Ruby Howe