March 1 2010

There are a million ways we can say this. But we’ll keep it straight. As of today, reaches more than one million unique readers per month. And now boasts 1.8 million pages views. Hoorah for us!

We’d like to take a quick moment to thank you for coming back day after day. And can only trust that you continue to feel you’re “in the know” as we “roam the globe” for inspired content.

Every day we’re told by thousands of readers how TCH makes them think bigger and bolder. Most of you stumble upon us by chance, via Google or Twitter and Facebook, which didn’t exist when we first launched.
But of course we hope it’s the quality of our posts that keeps you coming back. This game ain’t a popularity contest! We're selective with what we feature, much like a curator in a museum. TCH works to the principle of “global information channeling” - it’s not regionally specific, but based on worldwide relevance.

As we all know, the media landscape is going through a massive shift. We connect more directly and we connect as we want to. As it serves us. Right now.

If you’re an advertiser or brand wishing to have intimate, relevant dialogue with TCH’s readers, please get in touch at xxx and we’d be happy to discuss creative branding opportunities. We have a million different ideas ready to go. - Bill Tikos

1 Million font by Fill Ryabchikov

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