September 21 2010

Issey Miyake is the fashion icon and creative powerhouse behind the latest in Evian’s line of cool glass bottles for the Evian Natural Mineral Water. Countering the year-end season’s tendency to darker hues and wintry and icy treatments, Miyake’s creation is exuberant in its colorful bounce. Like the other fashion icons who have designed for Evian, Miyake takes a nod to his fashion creations by endowing the petals of the simple flower with a pleated texture reminiscent of Pleats Please Issey Miyake. With the design, Miyake has captured a sense of the youthful joy to be found in life’s simple pleasures. Your Fall and Winter dinner table will gain a fresh, high-spirited hue with these bottles!

There are two versions of the bottle, a pink one for wider distribution, and a green one sold exclusively at Issey Miyake stores globally. Click here to discover more.

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