February 7 2011

Underwhelming. That’s the one word that describes the Superbowl ads. With one fun exception: Volkswagen’s The Force (23 million views). Brands in general did not push Twitter or Facebook either, as they assumed viral would happen by itself. But it didn’t, because the Superbowl ads were not memorable or worth talking about. People talked, but it was mainly negative. Being just a bit clever and/or technically good is nowhere near enough. Talking down at the viewer bombs. And being plain stupid is unforgivable. So, what is missing? Storytelling skills, heart and magic. Real, tough-earned creative that pushes the viewer to something new, surprising, fun. All those brands, all those agencies, all that money, and that’s the best that can be done? Fail. Here's a Heineken ad, The Entrance, an ad that would have fit the bill. - Tuija Seipell

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