June 23 2011

What can we say? We just love Mini! We’ve been advocating the brand for many years… not just because we love the brand and its irreverent behaviour, but because we drive one! It is an amazing vehicle.

Ask any Mini driver and they will tell you that it is by far the best and handiest small car on the market, and it drives like a race car, too! And you can park it just about anywhere. While the big car drivers are circling the block for a parking spot, you’ve already parked and on your way to where-ever you were going.

And we are really excited about Mini Ray. It looks cool, is no-frills priced (only $28,880 drive away) and gives you all the car you need.

Of course, you will want to wrap your Mini in a cool TCH car wrap and really stand out from the crowd. Current fave? The Space Invader wrap. Driving CAN be this much fun!