December 1 2011

A good sense of humor & storytelling are part of the fabric of close friendships.  Chivas Regal has partnered with Academy Award® winning short filmmaker Joachim Back to produce two short films honoring the journey of modern friendship, from trial to triumph and all the idiosyncrasies in between.

The two short films have narratives, which are independent of one another, but  share a common idea.  Through the bond of friendship, heartbreak & despair can be mined for nostalgia & laughter.

Here’s to Big Bear’, follows a group of friends as they find themselves stranded at a train station in the middle of nowhere after getting off at the wrong stop. Stranded in the desert in black tie, they embark upon a journey that finally leads them to an awkward moment with Big Bear.

Here’s to Twinkle’, recounts a difficult break-up and the unwavering support of friends. The group share stories, reflect on the good times and in the end toast the welcomed arrival of Twinkle.

Check out all the videos here:

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