May 14 2012

We think Rokeby studios in Melbourne's Collingwood could be a portent of things to come: the designer photographer's space. Photographer Mariija Ivkovic wasn't happy with the spaces she shot in. They didn't reflect the creative spirit she wanted her work to imbue. So she created the space herself.

Joining forces with photographer Lachlan Moore she dug out a warehouse space to create a smattering of studios that now house two architecturally designed chameleon SMEG-stocked kitchens, a salon with a fully plumbed hair basin, a cafe area, board room, client “snug” and, of course, three lush shooting spaces.

It was much the same “build it and they will come – bugger the insanity of it all” attitude that saw the pair invent the world’s first inflatable and portable photobooth. Just because. They built the Photobooth prototype for a party they were hosting. For fun. Folk liked it, so they turned it into a side-business, catering to weddings, parties, anything. Photos can be branded, uploaded, shared and printed.

Perhaps Marija’s name rings bells? Her work has been featured on TCH before. She’s responsible for this McFancy range of images, which have since been featured in magazines around the world.

This is how creativity works. - Bill Tikos