June 11 2012

From humble beginnings less than five years ago, Sydney, Australia-based COLAB has gained an enthusiastic following on all continents for its cool shades.

Releasing 1000 numbered pairs per style, COLAB keeps the new and unusual in the forefront. Collaborating with mostly local artists, street artists, designers and illustrators, COLAB comes up with models that stand out each season.

The latest are the new colors for the well-known CORBU model, designed by Geoff McFetridge. The original champagne-colored CORBU is long sold out, but the new colours – Blue Tortoise (or Blue Tort) and Tortoise (Tort) – are still available.

And as before, these are not just shades to protect your eyes from the sun. They are also vehicles of literary wisdom. The poetry on the inside of the arms reads: “Poems that hate painting that hate music that hates architecture that hates graphics”. - Bill Tikos

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