July 30 2013

As always, we strive to keep our heads comfortably and firmly in the clouds. So, we are particularly happy that we can now offer the work of another cloud artist.

Spokane, Washington-born Michael Chase’s cloud prints have the ability to create an instant mood change, and they definitely draw the eye.

We love the incredible colours, which are further heightened by the way the photo images are printed on metallic paper and onto perspex/acrylic.

The colours pop and you can almost smell the weather. The Michael Chase cloud print is 1000 x 700 mm. in size, and it can be wall mounted or leaned against the wall.

We also have another Michael Chase favourite, the 1000 x 1000 mm colour splash print that is a fantastic focal point in any room.

It is colourful but not wildly so, and depending on the rest of the décour and the lighting, one colour in the image will pop out more than another.

This versatility makes this one of those pieces that you can take with you when you move. There will always be a room where this is perfect.

Also printed on metallic paper on perspex/acylic.

Michael Chase prints are exclusive to purchase through TCH online store only

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