November 12 2013

The heartbeat of American manufacturing has always resided in Detroit. It’s no coincidence that the most thoughtfully made artisan timepieces and leather goods are also created in Detroit, handmade by Shinola.

This Fall we’re excited to introduce the All Black Collection from Shinola, inspired by the only color that's never needed to declare itself the new anything.

The Brakeman 46mm, an American-made timepiece built with respect and admiration for the steel-nerved locomotive brakemen it’s named for. Black case, black dial, black Horween leather watch strap.

An elegant mini backpack that makes a bold understatement. Artisanal craftsmanship. The first-ever Shinola leather good in all black.

Artisan simplicity in a classic card wallet made from genuine Horween leather.

A pretty little watch you'd never call dainty - The Birdy 34mm. Coin-edge and a double wrap strap.

The All Black Collection. All the pieces are sold separately online through Shinola.


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