November 13 2013

Once again, we find ourselves mesmerized by abstract visual art that leaves an opening for our own interpretations. With the work of Houston, Texas-based Heath West, we are given the freedom to experience pixelated pattern in whatever way we wish to.

We see these mystery images, seemingly lit from the inside, as calming and meditative visual “white noise” that either energize or clam down a room, depending on how the images are placed and lit.

West is a practicing architect, who also studied art and art history. He uses several tools within Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and describes his method as ”developing and working through an algorithm of vector and pixel color manipulation, a recursive loop, where the stopping point is when the image achieves the quality I am happy with.” 

These limited edition metallic prints, exclusive to the TCH store, are printed on metallic paper then mounted underneath perspex for a dazzling and striking look. 

A specialised process called 'face-mounting' is used to create a durable bond between the print and acrylic (perspex). A high quality acrylic is used to provide superior UV protection.

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