April 8 2014

The Residence is the next pop-up experience brought to by The Cool Hunter.  With each pop-up our benchmark becomes higher and higher, this is no exception. Imagine a beautiful residence with beautiful furniture, lighting and artwork at every turn. This is The Residence.

The Art Hunter warehouse space in Alexandria, Sydeny gives us the opportunity to create the next version of The Cool Hunter off-line experiences: The Residence. We will build a simulated living environment in the warehouse, with a garage, kitchen, bathroom, library and living spaces, all furnished and equipped by leading brands, and with walls adorned with art similar to the amazing art featured at The Art Hunter.

Everything in The Residence will be for sale, and a visit to this space will be unlike any other “retail” or art gallery or “display unit” experience.

This will be an opportunity for a few select sponsors to showcase their concepts and products. A car brand showcasing its new release in a garage designed by our creative team, a kitchen appliance brand displaying its latest or future models, a bathroom fixtures brand launching a new product line, a furniture brand showcasing its new line of products, a computer brand providing the in-house computers, an electronics brand featured with its AV equipment, a designer fabric supplier providing the drapery or bed linen…

…Absolutely everything in The Residence will be for sale and the scope and type of sponsorship is limited only by our collective imaginations! How can we best surprise and delight the visitor? How can we best showcase your brand?

There is a huge value for brands in having a place where you can experiment.

Brands interesting in sponsoring The Residence get in contact

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