May 15 2014

Sometimes you don't have to travel for a vacation. Such is the case with Talenti. It’s gelato and sorbetto crafted from old world methods.  The result is your new summer obsession.

The Talenti Philosophy is simple: you should love what you eat.  We love Talenti for its marriage of style & substance.  Smart design and craftsmanship paired with premium ingredients.  The result is simple and elegant -- a dessert that goes beyond the ordinary.

Talenti roams the globe to source local ingredients. Vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea are individually split and hand scraped for the purest flavor.  To achieve a delicious bitterness, Callebaut chocolate morsels from Belgium are used.  Bold flavor profiles emerge – from travel inspired favorites like Sicilian Pistachio and Caribbean Coconut to the comforting tastes of Toasted Almond and Sea Salt Caramel.

Have an adventure with Talenti this summer.  Get the inside scoop here.

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