August 2 2014

Like shiny specks of sunlight reflecting off of a lake or a field of snow, San Pierre’s three distinctive pieces of wall art convey a sense of illumination, transparency and tension.
Each piece consists of a gentle halo of shimmery thread, circling a digitally printed disk of graded pastel color.

The 3D aspect of these 100cm x 100cm works draws attention, and attracts light in interesting variations.
At different times of the day, or in different lighting conditions, the work appears slightly altered. The shadows of the thread grow longer and darker, the colour in the centre more intense.

There is a folk-artsy quality to the threadwork, but the neon-hued digital printing pulls the viewer into an entirely different direction. It’s this unexpected mix that creates a feeling of controlled tension.

The artist is London-born and –based San Pierre, who attended Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication studying product and furniture design and graduated with Honours at the age of 21. For the past 15 years, he has worked in fashion and advertising while developing his unique experimental artistic style.

The centre of the piece is digitally printed, then mounted to Dibond. The thread forms a thin pattern around the edge of the entire print. The thread has a slight shimmer when the light catches it.
100cm x 100cm.

Digital print on photographic paper mounted to Dibond.
M2 silver plated nuts and bolts.
Blue/Pink/Yellow thread.
Exclusive to thecoolhunter

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