April 3 2006

It has been nearly thirty years since the era of moped decadence, and yet at the roots, there is a renewed interest. Though you might not know it yet, a moped-inspired sub-culture is taking form all across the country. Chicago's most revered branch of moped riders, cleverly named Peddy Cash, has helped spear head the trend since its inception. The members of Peddy Cash, for the most part, occupy the Chicago neighborhoods of Ukraine Village, Wicker Park, and Logan Square. The fifteen immediate members of Peddy Cash are considered to be part of the elite riders in the city, however they only make up a handful of the 30-40 serious moped riders springing up across Chicagoland. Peddy Cash is one of sixteen official branches recognized by a national organization called the Moped Army. The Moped Army, which was founded in 1997 in Kalamazoo, MI, is a resource for moped enthusiasts and has 10,000 registered users on its website. 291 of those members are directly connected to registered branches that range from major metropolises like the moped gang Mission 23 in New York City, to smaller areas of America like the branch Motion Left from Elkhart, Indiana. Mopeds, not scooters! There is a very serious deference. A similar trend has also been spotted down-under. by Drew Hudson