July 18 2006

It's a little Mad Max, without the madness, or umm, the max. It's the Wothahellizat, the off-road, knows-no-bounds 6x6 turbo diesel motorhome with bite!

As many of us eagerly inch towards a mobile, nomadic lifestyle without wanting to sacrifice our digital obsessions, we find the things like the Wothahelliza providing the answer. Like all diamonds in the rough, this motor home looks less glamorous outside then it is practical inside. However considering the vehicle is capable off roading, beautification would be alike to wearing stilettos to the New York marathon.

Stay online, work from home and dare to roam. With a price that challenges that of a one bedroom apartment in most major cities, the Wothahellza is tagged at around $260,000, with a small catch. It's available only in Australia. by Lisa Evans