August 5 2006

Iconic French designer Christian Lacroix is the latest couturier to lend his unique sense of aesthetics to the non-fashion realm. In this case, Lacroix was chosen by the French Railways to renovate the interiors of their high-speed trains. Over the next 5 years, all high-speed trains on the Atlantic route and the new route to Eastern France will be made over by Lacroix and his design team, promising to transform their drab interiors into ultra modern, stylish, boutique-hotel-like environments.  It's actually the second time Lacroix has delved into the world of interiors. He transformed the Hotel du Petit Moulin in Paris into a stunning art hotel, creating different themes for each room.

As far as we know this is the first time a high fashion designer has been charged with revamping the railways. Could train travel get any more hip? ">by Billy T

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