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The trend for alfresco dining has gone one step further with the alfresco bar and nightclub. Vodka brand Smirnoff was the first to kick off the trend with its amazing inflate-portable bar/club. This go anywhere comfort zone is comprised by a number of inflatable cubes to create theoverall effectt of a portable bar/chill out zone. The design brief was simple, create a cool image. Nothing cooler than ice is there? It's not all aesthetics however, the design must be wind resistant, water proof and with hold a large number of occupants.  It's translucent appearance, invites the creativity of light shows to radiate through the bar at night. For the funkiest bar on the go, just add ice!

If you're not on Smirnoff's touring list get to Berlin instead where the new open air club Kubik is sending local temperatures skywards.

Located near Berlin's river Spree, Kubik's modular design literally glows in the dark, with dozens of conventional 1000-litre water tanks used  to create a temporary installation. On the weekends the tanks double as glowing DJ booths, filled with some of Europe's best record spinners on a mission to keep clubbers firmly on the alfresco dance floor.  Thanks to our friends at Designspotter for spotting this. by Billy T

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