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November 19 2008

When the investment group All Capital wanted a power space for their high-powered meetings in Amsterdam, they engaged two local creative firms that had the right vision. Architectural office Eckhardt en Leeuwenstein created the meeting and lounge areas that are prestigious and opulent without being pretentious or stuffy.

Themed around the playful concept of being under a spotlight, the spaces feature gigantic, round, black lamp shades spray-painted gold inside. These power lights appear to cast spot lights and create shadows everywhere in the space. The fake ovals of light and shadow on the floor, walls and furnishings are created by altering the colors and textures of the finish.

The golden ovals also define specific areas and soften the angles of the black-stained ash wood desks and cabinets. In addition, the gold and silver ovals scattered about can be interpreted as coins - highlighting the business of the client. All existing ornamentation and detail of the building was painted white.
The All Capital boardrooms and lounge opened last month in the historic, 17th-century building, De Gouden Bocht located by one of the most famous canals of Amsterdam, the Herengracht (=Gentlemen`s Canal).

i29 was established in 2001 by Jaspar Jensen and Jeroen Dellensen. Their style is characterized by a dramatic absence of extras or gimmicks, and by frequent use of clear blocks of color and lots of white. Their projects, mainly in Amsterdam, include schools, retail shops, restaurants, hotels and private residences.
Architect duo Rob Eckhardt and Goos Leeuwenstein has a long history of distinctive projects from public spaces to restaurants, entertainment venues and residences. They've created offices for Publicis, DDB and Eigen Fabrikaat, film studios for Jurriaan Eindhoven, and interiors for Restaurant Bordewijk. Eckhardt became known early in his career as a furniture designer with the disco stool Dolores as his first success in the early 1980s. He even operated a retail store that sold his furniture, including the 1983 Groeten uit Holland chair and the 1982 Karel Doorman chaise lounge. - Tuija Seipell


September 30 2009

Street style blogs are one of the great online phenomena of the past decade. They have become a core reference tool for fashion houses and designers who monitor them for global inspiration and to learn how trends are being adapted on the street - and all without leaving their desks. Yvan Rodic, the photographer and creative behind the facehunter, gives the reader a window into the edgier side of street style. Rodic cut his street-styling teeth at The Cool Hunter, where he delivered many unique moments of inspiration direct from the pavement; the kinds of startling images that eluded many of the other most popular style blogs.

His latest venture is a new site, proudly under his own name - Yvan Rodic. Essentially a travel diary, Rodic documents the interesting people he meets in all sorts of places. We know we're biased but we believe Rodic's talent extends beyond the camera lens.

His eye for inspiration and cool is so finely honed that he could apply it to anything - be it design or art direction. The new Hedi Slimane perhaps? Maybe. WATCH this space. - Bill Tikos


March 18 2008

What do you do after becoming one of France's highest-paid male models? You become a fashion photographer, of course. Or that's what Robert Jaso did, anyways, and by looking at the fruits of his work, we think his change of career was a wise choice.

The Slovakia-born Jaso who moved to France with his family at the age of five and fell into the fashion world by accident when he was spotted by a booker This started a successful 10-year stint in front of the cameras. A decade is a quite some time for a model, so when Jaso was looking for a change and something with more longevity, photography seemed like the next obvious step in his career. Having already had such an amazing first-hand look into how the fashion industry works, Jaso then spent several years working on and refining his own signature style that can now be seen in magazines around the world.

Still based in Paris, but being sent to all corners of the globe to work on various campaigns and shoots, he currently spends most of his time working for Italian Vogue.

With a passion for creating stories and a keen interest in all things technical and aesthetic, Jaso creates carefully constructed images that are strong and beautiful with a hint of quirkiness. By Brendan McKnight.


May 14 2012

We think Rokeby studios in Melbourne's Collingwood could be a portent of things to come: the designer photographer's space. Photographer Mariija Ivkovic wasn't happy with the spaces she shot in. They didn't reflect the creative spirit she wanted her work to imbue. So she created the space herself.

Joining forces with photographer Lachlan Moore she dug out a warehouse space to create a smattering of studios that now house two architecturally designed chameleon SMEG-stocked kitchens, a salon with a fully plumbed hair basin, a cafe area, board room, client “snug” and, of course, three lush shooting spaces.

It was much the same “build it and they will come – bugger the insanity of it all” attitude that saw the pair invent the world’s first inflatable and portable photobooth. Just because. They built the Photobooth prototype for a party they were hosting. For fun. Folk liked it, so they turned it into a side-business, catering to weddings, parties, anything. Photos can be branded, uploaded, shared and printed.

Perhaps Marija’s name rings bells? Her work has been featured on TCH before. She’s responsible for this McFancy range of images, which have since been featured in magazines around the world.

This is how creativity works. - Bill Tikos


June 4 2015

At some point in time within the space of your existence you’ve imagined escaping, not to any place in particular, just merely escaping from everything you know. Winding down the windows and setting yourself loose with reckless abandonment. It’s that moment where the thrill of the moment far outweighs the thought of the final destination, a feeling that’s so unnatural within the day to day psyche

Commissioned by The Cool Hunter, this stunning and unique photo by LA based photographer Jared Chambers is reminiscent of that exact feeling. Art is intended to evoke an emotion and this piece does exactly that sitting on your wall reminding you to take a walk on the wild side every now and again.

Limited Edition of 50 - Purchase here


October 11 2015

Sydney-based photographer Jake Weisz brings us this exquisite image of a whale. It captures a fleeting split second in time, a moment in the life of an incredibly powerful animal. And yet it also exudes a timeless sense of calm. It gives us a glimpse of a fleeting moment that could have taken place hundreds, maybe even thousands of years ago.

The Whale lets us interpret the image whichever way we want. It could be just a beautiful example of nature photography. A study of blue. An environmental statement. A memory of a wonderful day.
Whatever your interpretation, The Whale establishes its presence and grabs your attention.





October 19 2015

This is another photograph from the U.S.-based photographer Kate Holstein, who brought us the Silver Surfer of Venice Beach.
This one was taken in the Yukon territory in northwest Canada known for its untouched, mountainous and sparsely populated wilderness.

The awesome power of the cold mountain scenery takes over the viewer immediately and starts the thought processes of: How cold would that be? How high is that? Is it always snow covered? 
And that’s the beauty of nature photography. Even when they present inaccessible and inhospitable locations, they are somehow open to everyone’s comments and admiration.

Thanks to photographers such as Holstein, we get to see - and hang in our rooms – stunning images of breathtaking, unreachable vistas.