March 7 2006" /> src="" />

When Apple released the very first line of iMacs, the color range is what sold them. From Tangerine to Bondi Blue, the advertising campaign showcased the iMac family like a range of chup-a-chups and they sold millions.

Adidas have followed suit in a way with the new release of the Adidas 1-intelligent shoe in a range of fresh new colors. The shoe hit the streets last year and created a huge dent in the shoe market by selling phenomenally well thanks to a brilliant marketing campaign. Expanding the color range was the next obvious move and Adidas have selected some great models to do this. Aside from colour range, the introduction of the new member of the adidias 1 family, the basketball shoe is bound to further the sales of this progressive thinking shoe giant when it goes on sale in May. by Billy T