The Avant Garde Diaries

The Avant Garde Diaries

September 3 2011

Former Tokion Publisher Chris Ambrose speaks with Paris Smeraldo, founder of the seminal Bushwick restaurant, Northeast Kingdom. Laying the foundation for the likes of Roberta's, Northeast Kingdom pioneered the farm-to-table concept in the midst of Bushwick's industrial landscape. 

Forgoing the more established Williamsburg, Smeraldo's restaurant created a hub for the creative community which has gone on to foster the growth of several cafes, galleries, & performance spaces which flourish to this day. Check out more here:

The Avant Garde Diaries

September 2 2011

Rosemarie Köckenberger's experience as part of Balestra Berlin no doubt shaped the creation of KJOSK.
A double-decker bus reimagined - KJOSK is part kiosk, part urban oasis for Berliners seeking well-curated
staple goods sourced from local farms. It stands apart, much like Balestra Berlin, known for it's unique, collaborative approach and stand-out projects like Kubik, a lantern-like light installation. Check out more here:

The Avant Garde Diaries

August 1 2011

In July, luminaries from the art, fashion, & music world descended upon Berlin to celebrate the launch of The Avant/Garde Diaries – the new digital lifestyle hub & event series from Mercedes-Benz.

The first event in a global series, Transmission 1 was curated by renowned fashion designer Raf Simons with the aim of showcasing emerging and innovative artists across the cultural spectrum.  Mercedes-Benz is collaborating with “cultural curaters” like Simons to create a connective tissue between the legendary carmaker and the next generation of tastemakers.

The centerpiece of the event was a showcase of the Mercedes-Benz Concept A Class screened by an Installation of glass, lighting and visual effects

British Art Director - Peter Seville, best known for his album covers for Joy Division and New Order, showcased his own 1998 Mercedes-Benz SL 500 at the event. Peter also attended the press workshop offering fascinating comments about avant-garde and pop culture. Other artists featured at the event included Germaine Kruip, These New Puritans, Fischerspooner, and Konstantin Grcic.

The tone and structure of the event allowed for guests to form their own opinions about the festival and what is indeed avant-garde.

As the inventor of the automobile, Mercedes Benz has long been an innovator in the automotive field. This festival and brand direction will also see them playing a similar role in the ongoing conversation of culture, expression, and innovation.

We look forward to seeing what comes next in this series of events.  Stayed tuned-in and look for Transmission 2 here The Avant/Garde Diaries.

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