April 22 2007

Aqua Dome is a 140-room, four-star-plus hotel and spa complex in Tirol Therme Längenfeld, the Tyrolean Alps in Austria. The altitude must have had an effect on the planners and designers because the place is out-of-this world heavenly.

The services are impressive and the facilities absolutely beautiful although somewhat counterproductively named with words too difficult to pronounce unless you speak German. The dome-ceilinged, glass-walled thermal spring hall Ursprung (Origins) is the main indoor area with two pools and a huge waterfall. From there, you swim via two canal pools to the amazing outdoor area, Talfrische (Freshness Valley). With its illuminated structures and steaming vessels it resembles the potion-making lab of a gigantic but friendly sorcerer. The two canals lead to a cone-shaped illuminated tower. From there you proceed to the three bowl pools that look like gigantic martini glasses. Bobbing in one of these eight-metre-high bowls that are 12 to 16 meters in diameter, you can gaze upon the Alps and contemplate your good fortune.

The beauty center and spa are known as Morgentau (Morning Dew), the rest room (not a bathroom but a room for rest) is called Besinnung (Reflection) and the view terrace is called Umsicht (View). Gletscherglühen (Glowing Glacier) is the impressive “sauna world” with various Finnish saunas from earth lodge and hay sauna to a loft sauna, a steam cathedral, a salt water (they call it brine) grotto, herbal bath, ice pool and a panorama whirlpool. The fitness center called Gipfelsturm (Peak Push), the kids’ area called Alpen Arche Noah (Alpine Noah’s Ark), the medical center (Medalp 4health) plus several restaurants ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

Aqua Dome is one of the six VAMED Vitality World resorts, all located in Austria.

What also impressed us about Aqua Dome are its architecture and its surroundings. Aqua Dome is located about 70 kilometers from Innsbruck and 180 kilometers from Munich in Längenfeld in the heart of the beautiful 67-kilometre-long Tirolean Ötztal valley known as a thermal springs area since the 16th century. Aqua Dome’s 3000-year-old, 40-degree Celsius sodium-chloride-sulphate-sulphur thermal waters flow from this ancient valley.

The Aqua Dome is Austria’s largest tourism project of recent years. It has revitalized tourism in the entire area, long known for fabulous hiking, skiing, mountaineering and white water rafting.

We don’t know about you, but we’ll climb a mountain or two any day if the reward is a warm evening spent in one of Aqua Dome’s misty martini glasses. By Tuija Seipell